About Us

Millburn Audiology & Balance has been Certified by the nationally respected American Institute of Balance and chosen as part of it’s prestigious Worldwide Network of Vestibular and Equilibrium Specialists. The Institute is among the worlds leading diagnostic, treatment, research and educational centers dedicated to the study of human equilibrium. The Institute’s network of Audiologists, Physicians, and Physical Therapists is recognized as receiving specialty post-graduate education and certificiation in this important clinical science. The Institute’s advanced evaluation and treatment techniques have helped thousands of patients worldwide who had been told to “learn to live with it”. For more information on the Institute visit them online at www.dizzy.com.

90 million Americans will experience dizziness or balance problems sometime in their lives. According to the National Institutes of Health, dizziness and balance problems constitute a national health care crisis. For the 78 million baby boomers, this is a special problem, as dizziness is the number one complaint for people over age 65. In fact, 50% of all accidental deaths of people over 65 years of age are due to balance related falls. But dizziness is common for all age groups and is the third most common complaint told to physicians only following headache and lower back pain.

As an AIB Affiliate, our audiologists and physical therapists are trained and certified in vestibular rehabilitation. These practitioners have earned doctoral degrees within their designated specialties, and taken approved AIB workshops and courses and have successfully completed a required testing to receive certification in Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy.

Millburn Audiology & Balance will work close with area physicians and specialists, health plans and the entire health care community to provide the most advanced technology and treatment available. If you or someone you love has been troubled by dizziness or balance problems, we look forward to now offering this important service. We will consult with your physician regarding your symptoms and schedule you for a complete evaluation, which is covered by Medicare and most insurance plans.